Monday, October 24, 2011

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

Baby Must Have #1

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer, Blue

This is the first baby product I bought. It has 5 timers which you can set to however many hours you want. Each button has a picture, giving you an idea of what you can use each one for.

There is a diaper button to keep track of when you last changed your baby’s diaper. You don’t have to set an alarm for this one. The Next is a bottle button used for keeping track of when you last fed your baby. You can use it for Nursing or bottle feeding. If your nursing there is a switch on the bottom that you can move from L to R depending on which side you last used. By Feedings it helps to set an alarm so it will ring at whichever interval you set it to. I have mine set for every 3 hours. It will then light up and ring at that time. On the right hand side of the timer there is a switch for sound which you can turn on or off. The Third button is a picture of zzz’s which you can use to keep track of when your baby fell asleep or woke up. You don’t need to use the timer for this one either. The fourth button is a star which you can use for anything you want, I use it for medications setting it to every 8 hours.

The small button underneath the star is used to light up the screen at night, it will turn the screen blue and make the buttons all red for a few seconds. There is a also a Flash light button under the Itzbeen logo which will give you a flash light till you press the button again. There is a switch on the left side to lock or unlock the timer which is great for when you are going out and putting the timer in your bag. This way no buttons get pressed by mistake.

My baby is 6 months old and I’m still using this timer, it is also great for when a babysitter is taking care of your baby, they can press the buttons easily and keep your baby on schedule. It makes it so much easier to keep track of feedings, no more having to remember when you last fed your baby.

It’s got almost 5 start ratings on Amazon, and currently the lowest price at $17.14. That’s 31% off it’s list price of $24.99.